Questions To Ask When Buying Land

During the real estate boom a few short years ago national development companies grabbed the “time-share method” of forcing condo rental units upon unknowing buyers.  They adapted these high pressure sales tactics to selling 5 to 20-acre tracts of land. Using inflated appraisals, “easy financing” and smoke and mirrors, they were able to quickly turn a handsome profit. Some continue these practices today through “one day land sales” or “auctions”.  

Before you get pulled in by such tactics, ask yourself these questions…

  • Will you be able to drive yourself to the property in question on YOUR schedule?
  • Will you be shown the specific property you really want to see? (Having land pointed out generally from a helicopter is not the same as seeing it on the ground and being able to walk that property from border to border.)
  • Will you have to deal with crowds of prospects?
  • Are you going to help pay for a hundred-thousand-dollar marketing program?
  • Will you be distracted by an agent continually listening to and talking to colleagues on a hand-held radio?
  • Will you be able to take information home with you to sleep on and consider carefully?
  • Can your sales agent make the final decisions on the terms of sale?
  • Is the property and price good for only one day?
  • Is the sales agent active in the community where the property is located?
  • Does the sales agent reside in the community (or county or state)?
  • Does your sales agent think your relationship ends when the deed is transferred?
  • After buying, will anyone from that agency be around to answer your questions months and years from now?

Remember land remains one of the best investments you can make.  You can still find honest folks who sell land day-in and day-out, making a small profit as they aim to balance the needs of prospective buyers with the needs of Mother Nature and the community they live in.

If you want honest answers to your questions from someone local who will see you in town for years to come, please call RCS Land Company at 866-538-8150 (toll free) or 304-530-8150.

Why Buy Land Through RCS Land Company?

History matters!  Our family has owned land in the Potomac Highlands for 250+ years.  We have been selling land directly to consumers for over 25 years. 

We want the buying process to be a personal experience for you. Honesty and Integrity—we still do business with a handshake. If you want personal, one-on-one attention, give us a call.   

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