Why Buy Land?

Many folks feel the need to have a “Homeplace” or “Base Of Operations”.  We believe connection to the land is one of the most basic and fundamental human desires.  Land ownership should not be reserved for the wealthy of this country.   At RCS Land Company, we strive to give everyone the opportunity to own land. 

When owning real estate you have a “hard asset” that will not just “disappear” when times are tough. This is not the case with examples such as stock, the most common investment in this country. 

Throughout history more wealth has been created and passed down through land ownership than any other form of investing.  Plain and simple, “they are not making any more of it.”  

When you buy Real estate you are investing in something that can benefit you and generations to come. 

10 Consumer Goals For Buying Land

  1. Build a home
  2. Keep horses
  3. Beat inflation
  4. Get back to the land
  5. Relocation
  6. Recreation
  7. Organic gardening
  8. A place for the kids
  9. Investment
  10. Subdivision

Why Land In Eastern West Virginia (The Potomac Highlands)?

This area has long been called “The Nation's Playground”

Location, Location, Location. We are within 2 to 5 hours' drive of the largest concentration of population in the United States.

Conversely this area has a very low population density usually found only west of the Mississippi River.  This is caused by a very unique situation—we are located between 2 national forests—the 1,061,000-acre George Washington National Forest and the 919,000-acre Monongahela National Forest.  Man could not have come up with a better design.

Surveys have proven that the relationship of land ownership and enjoyment are directly correlated to the proximity of your primary residence.  In other words, if you can’t get to your land easily by walking out the back door or driving a few short hours, you most likely will not use your land for its many intended purposes and benefits.

The construction of Appalachian Regional Corridor H in West Virginia has made travel to the Potomac Highlands remarkably quicker, safer and even more scenic than just 5 years ago.

And to repeat, when it comes to land, “they are not making any more of it?”

Why Buy Now?

What to Ask Before Buying

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