Advertise Your Business On-Screen

  • 72% of all Americans go to the movies at least once every year (NRG, American Moviegoing 2010)
  • Moviegoing is America’s #1 leisure activity – 96% of moviegoers go with at least one other person (2010 OTX The Moviegoer eXperience)
  • 2010 saw the record for the highest grossing film of all time with Avatar – $760.5MM(
  • 42% go to eat before/after the movies (Nielsen Interview Questions, 2010)
  • 16% go shopping before/after the movies¬†(Nielsen Interview Questions, 2010)
  • Cinema advertising reaches an attentive, captive audience.¬†Consumers aren’t subject to the distractions they face at home (Arbitron Cinema Study 2003)

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